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Part AEmmergent topics
Chair: Tomáš Zima
  COVID-19 and role of laboratory medicine | ON-LINE
Sunil Sethi


What laboratory medicine is needed for mobile societies
Alexander Haliassos


Multidimensional Laboratory Medicine: the case for arteficial inteligency
Michael Neumaier
  AI-assisted radiological imaging of systemic disease involvement: from technical implementation to cooperative diagnostic pathways
Stefan Schönberg
16.00–16.30 Coffee break
16.30–18.30 Part B – How is the progress of implementing the IVDR
Chair: Sverre Sandberg
  EU Health Policy-making: why academic and scientific societies should engage
Alan Fraser

Countdown to the IVDR Date of Application: Priorities and Expectations of Manufacturers | ON-LINE
Oliver Bisazza

  The rollout of the new EU IVD regulation: an imminent catastrophe
Christa Cobbaert (on behalf of the EFLM Task Force on European Regulatory Affairs)
8:30–10:30 Part CProgress in the harmonisation of measurement procedures
Chair: Sergio Bernardini
  New initiatives to harmonise
measurement procedures | ON-LINE

Ian Young
  Monitoring the harmonisation of measurement procedures by external quality assessment and patient medians
Sverre Sandberg
  Reducing avoidable laboratory errors in clinical diagnosis - how can EQA help? | ON-LINE
Cathie Sturgeon
  Personalised reference interval – a valuable tool in diagnosis and monitoring
Abdurrahman Coscun
10.30–11.00 Coffee break
11.00–13.00 Part D New tools in education of people in laboratory medicine
Chair: Bernard Gouget
  EFLM Syllabus – the framework for the education of EuSpLM | ON-LINE
Snežana Jovičić (EFLM WG-PFLM chair)
  Equivalence of standards in education in Europe | ON-LINE
Evgenija Homšak (C-P chair)
  EFLM Syllabus course | ON-LINE
Lejla Alić (C-C member, TG-ESC organizing committee)
  How to develop and master soft skills? | ON-LINE
Ana-Maria Šimundić
  Closing remarks
13.30 Lunch